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For allergens, ask the staff. The last phase, but no less important, is cooking. For a genuine Neapolitan pizza, the
oven must be wood-burning, ours is a Valoriani, one of the best, the fire must be positioned on the left when looking at the oven, this to facilitate the circulation of hot air inside uniform (clockwise). The mouth of the oven must not be straight, but slightly oblique so as not to favor the clash of opposing currents which would lower the temperature in some parts of the oven itself.
The ideal temperature is 485 degrees and cooking is between 60 and 90 seconds, until
the crust has taken on the typical "leopard-spotted" pigmentation.
True Neapolitan pizza never has a uniform colour, this would be a sign of low
oven temperature or worse poor leavening of the dough.